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Who’s Claire?

Hey! I’m Claire Maxted from Wild Ginger Running YouTube channel, and this is my website all about my fave topic – trail running! To see the latest Wild Ginger Running films, news and happenings, or to book me to film or host your event click here.


I live in Stamford, Lincolnshire with my husband Steve and our cat, The Black Blob (!) who tries to sabotage as many garden-based YouTube films as he can.

My main mission in life is to get as many people as possible enjoying exercise as possible, and loving the outdoors & natural world. I’m a qualified Personal Trainer too.

I’m a strong believer in gender equality, especially in sport as it gives so much to all, and I’m very keen on working sustainably with the environment that we find so beautiful and enjoy running through.

Want to start running? My best advice is:

Find a local running club, join it, make friends with the people there, then go, every week religiously, without fail. Tuesdays with the Stamford Striders are sacrosanct for me, and often hills on a Thursday too. For some reason, although I love running, at the end of a mentally hard day at work I never want to go, especially if I’ve done a lunch time gym session, but I always do. I know I’ll enjoy it when I get going – catching up with friends, pushing myself, but coming home is when the benefit really starts. You finish buzzing, relaxed and happy. It’s like drinking a glass of wine without the hangover.

Stamford Striders LSR (Long steady run) last Sunday. I then went on to run a further 8 miles on my own to make it 20. That was a motivational challenge and a half! Did it though.
Stamford Striders LSR (Long steady run) last Sunday. I then went on to run a further 8 miles on my own to make it 20. That was a motivational challenge and a half! Did it though.

If you aren’t already in a running club, find one and get involved, you’ll see so many improvements – not just enjoying running, but your speed and endurance will skyrocket too.

6 thoughts on “Who’s Claire?

  1. Hi Claire
    Great having a chat and running on Saturday I’m loving the trail series, great vibe to the whole
    lot…I struggled when I got to the coffin trail total lack of sleep (new Pup…we called him Joss by the way, I think you know why) and a chest infection but I still loved every minute…hope your run went well Sunday (massive and impressive mileage your putting in!)…as promised Jacks Flickr account with storyboards etc plus some of our Bob Graham walk which we did over 3 days and stopped at Wasdale ( me and him are going to finish the last big section to celebrate his 70th birthday and it will give him enough inspiration for a few more drawings I think plus a bloody long day out hahaha). Just click on the mountains section and you can zoom into the illustrations which were all done at A1 size with a very fine pen there’s Bowfell/Harrison Stickle and Scafell…these must of took him ages to do in that style but i have a feeling he probably drank through it…like he always says to me we are drinkers with a running problem
    All the very best and good luck with your Cape Wrath Ultra (that looks hardcore!?!)
    (Pam and James are still in Paris filling their boots for his 50th)


    1. Hey Ray great to meet you on Sat, Pam will be pleased! You did well, that Coffin Trail was a bloomin nightmare! I had to walk the whole thing. Amazing name for the pup, love what you did there 🙂 What an awesome BG walk – 3-days is still a massive effort. Thanks for showing me Jack’s pics too, that is some awesome talent! Thanks for the good luck, I will need it! Do subscribe to my YouTube channel Wild Ginger Films when you get a chance, then you can follow my CWU training and racing 🙂 Happy trails, Claire


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