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Lots of you said YES to my suggestion of a training camp over in Chamonix after my films there this summer, so I’d like to test it out in the UK first (being sensible for once!). If this goes well, Chamonix 2021 training camp sounds like a PLAN!

So….. for 2020 I’m teaming up with the awesome Tracks & Trails Mountain Running Holidays to offer the Wild Ginger Running audience a fantastic long weekend trail running training camp in the Peak District. It is pitched at beginner to intermediate level and will be packed full of training, gear testing, expert talks and exclusive films.

If your first question is, “Eeek, will I be fast enough?” The answer is YES! The emphasis of this weekend will be on technique, skills, learning, getting to know each other, and enjoying the views! It’s not a race, and I will be at the back having a lovely chat with whoever I find there. Come run at the back with me!

It will be pre-season to spark you full of energy, motivation and advice for the year ahead – 24-26 April 2020 at Castleton YHA, Peak District. Book now here!

Running to Lose Hill from Mam Tor, one of my fave Peaks ridge runs. Photo: Jen Scotney

There will be expert training and tuition from Fell Running Guide Dave Taylor including night running (with Silva headtorches to test), gear testing (I’ll bring all my different running packs for you to play with!), navigation training, running pole classes with Leki, expert talks, an exclusive Cape Wrath Ultra film showing, 4 runs in the beautiful mountainside, strengthwork and stretching classes, plus I’ll be making a souvenir film of it all too (obvs!).

PLUS there will be a FREE goodie bag for every participant – stuff inside to be confirmed! (I’ll be ringing around some top brands to score you some awesome kit and nutrition!)

Two night’s accommodation and all meals are included. The camp will run from 1pm Friday to 5pm Sunday so that’s three days with 4 runs and tonnes of expert tuition. Prices start from £465 depending on room availability.

Patreon pic.jpeg

Wild Ginger Running Patreons will get extra!

  • An extra gear freebie
  • An exclusive Q&A session with me
  • Sitting on my table or next to me at mealtimes
  • You will be interviewed for the souvenir film (optional if you’re shy!)

Become a Patreon here if you are interested in supporting the channel, getting perks, being in our exclusive FB group and winning prizes!


Booking is via Tracks & Trails here but if you have any questions please email me at WildGingerHQ@gmail.com

I’ve had quite a lot of emails already from people worried they will be too slow so I’d like to emphasise that this camp is a learning experience rather than a beasting session and designed especially for beginner to intermediate trail runners. I’ll be hanging out at the back of the group chatting to whoever is there, so come run with me and find out how to improve your fitness and skills in a fun, friendly and supportive atmosphere. 😀

I hope to see you there, it’s going to be awesome and I’m really looking forward to seeing you, meeting you and RUNNING with you!!!

f45e4a6f-783e-49d0-9748-ed196bfa57f0.jpg Happy to be running in the Peaks along the ridge from Mam Tor to Lose Hill above Castleton! JOIN ME 24-26 April for the first ever Wild Ginger Running training camp! Photo: Jen Scotney
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