Wooden Charity Medal – Covid-19k Challenge



The eco-friendly way to celebrate completing the Covid-19k Challenge, these lovely wooden medals are made from 100% recycled timber, and any leftover medals from bulk orders can be sent back to be reused by the manufacturer. The medal diameter is 10cm across, so you can remove the ribbon and use it as a coaster when you've finished displaying it. Or, stick a magnet to the back and make it into a fridge magnet!

All profits from this medal will go to a covid-related charity. To help decide which charity the funds go to, join the Covid-19k Challenge Facebook group and cast your vote in the poll. The profit should be at least £5 but hopefully more - it is not possible to work out the exact figure until I know the amount of medals sold. The more medals sold, the lower the cost per medal for the bulk-buy order, packaging and distribution, resulting in more profits to charity. Full details on the charity donation will be shared across all Wild Ginger Running social media platforms, YouTube channel and website once the final tally has been counted.

Here is the link to Covid-19k Challenge Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/Covid19kChallenge/


Shipping info

Shipping prices per order:

UK: £3

Europe: £5

Rest of the World: £8


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