Hey everybody,

Hope you are well and getting out running despite the trail and ultra running event cancellations and coronavirus lockdown.

Perhaps you have more spare time than usual and are wondering how to fill it?

Here’s a selection of useful films from the Wild Ginger Running archive that you might find helpful or diverting right now.

I hope you enjoy these,

1. Do my home HIIT workout with no equipment 

2. Work on your technique this season instead

3. Learn how to use running poles

4. Actually do some stretching for once…;)

5. Practice your downhill technique

6. Plan your own trail running route

6. Be inspired by legendary fell runner Joss Naylor’s advice 

7. Stay motivated to carry on training

8. Listen to legend Scott Jurek’s ultra running master class (first of a 4-part series)

9. Make the healthiest meal after a long run

10. Chuckle at my first bloopers film