Tom Owens came 4th overall (1st Brit) at the UMTB 2019 despite bashing his knee really early on. I bumped into him hobbling round Chamonix the day after the race and he was kind enough to share his top tips on technique for running uphill and downhill, PLUS how he got through this 171km (106 mile) race with 10, 000m of ascent and descent with such a painful knee.

Tom shares his best advice on running downhill first, including where to look, body position and what to do with your arms. He then covers uphill running, including how to tell when to walk or continue running, and the benefits of using poles on certain types of terrain and race distances.

Thank you so much to Tom for chatting to me whilst the UTMB (Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc) race event team cleared up behind us!

Tom is sponsored by Salomon in 2019.

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More coming soon!

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