Who has won the September prize? And what is up for grabs in the October prize? And what else is happening this month on Wild Ginger Running trail & ultra running YouTube channel? To enter the Wild Ginger Running monthly competition and find the Veloforte discount code I spoke about, scroll down.

This month’s Wild Ginger Running competition gave the lucky winner a chance to win over £400 worth of trail running goodies, including a SILVA Cross Trail 5 Ultra headtorch worth £155, a pair of Jaybird X4 headphones for runners worth £109, a Columbia duffle bag from the UTMB worth £100 and Maurten DM320 energy powder and 2x 500ml bottles worth £50 (Maurten supply our 5k and 10k champ Mo Farah and the great marathon world record holder Eliud Kipchoge).

The 2nd prize is a Jaybird cap from UTMB worth £25 It’s nice, I almost kept this, you’re lucky 😉 3rd prize is 3 Formula energy sachets from Petzl at the UTMB worth £5

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The DISCOUNT CODE I talked about
Veloforte 25% off energy bars and nutrition products WildG25

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