Want to know how tough the Barkley Marathons is compared to a DOUBLE Bob Graham?

Join me in conversation with the incredible Nicky Spinks (51-year old breast cancer survivor, inov-8 ambassador and farmer) record holder for the Double Bob Graham & Ramsay Rounds.

Nicky takes us through what inspired her to enter the Barkley Marathons, what it was like at camp, the atmosphere at the start, the euphoria of lap one and the near hypothermic stages of lap two.

She explains how the Barkley differs to her previous successful challenges like her 45:30 Double Bob Graham round and sub-56hr Double Ramsay Round.  (watch her Double Bob Graham interview here)

Then she gives some down to earth advice for wannabe Barkley-ers and Bob Graham-ers before revealing her racing plans for the coming summer…

Read more about Nicky’s Barkley on the Inov-8 blog here https://www.inov-8.com/blog/nicky-spinks-barkley-marathons/ and follow her on all her socials for more.