Hi, I’m Claire, the creator of Wild Ginger Running the trail & ultra running advice and inspiration channel on YouTube.

I started this channel because I co-founded and edited Trail Running magazine for 7 years. It was fantastic, I loved it, but it only came out once every other month.

I wanted a more immediate, chattier way to encourage people to start trail running, to inspire those already bitten by the bug, and share the advice of top athletes and experts with runners of all ability levels throughout the world.

So I left! I sold my beloved camper van to fund the set up of Wild Ginger Running. To watch my films on YouTube it’s totally free, so I still write a lot for websites and magazines (including Trail Running).

I’d like to go full time on Wild Ginger Films so I can deliver higher quality content, interview more athletes and experts, hire a video editor, create merchandise, start running challenges for everyone to do together, go on a tour, there are so many ideas!

This is why I’m on Patreon, but what is it? And why would you want to support me on there? https://www.patreon.com/WildGingerRunning

Patron Logo.jpg

Patreon is used successfully by a lot of YouTubers, like the Ginger Runner and I Run Far, as a way to crowd-fund for an ongoing work rather than a one-off project like you find on Kickstarter or Indigogo, so audience members pledge monthly amounts in return for certain benefits.

So I’ve got some great perks for you on Patreon based on all the messages that you, my audience have sent me. Every month there’s access to exclusive gear competitions, the chance to ask your questions to elite athletes and experts, limited edition Wild Ginger Running kit, and personal training advice.

Choose your tier wisely as there are limited spaces available.

Thank you wholeheartedly if you do choose to support me on Patreon

See you on the trails!