Just off out to finish planning my first Intro to Trail Running session with our new local group Stamford Trail & Ultra Club. Here’s the leaflet below. I can’t wait to introduce them to the fun trails round the quarry off Little Casterton Road – one of my fave things to do is to introduce newcomers to my fave sport and see how much enjoyment they get from it. 🙂

AND I spoke to Charlie Sproson today, Race Organiser of the Lakes Sky Ultra, and I’m going to go and film his shorter distance race this weekend – the Scafell Skyrace, along with Rupert Bonnington and Damian Hall. I’ve worked with all three before and they are super chaps, so I’m really looking forward to filming/working with them and creating a really useful video for trail runners about this awesome race.

See you there if you’re racing!

Intro to TR poster.png